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Every city or industrial community must deal with its growing waste and pollution control challenges in proactive manner. Consideration of energy and Pollution control has become a way of life for the economic and political survival of many communities. Every Cities in India today is facing a challenge of how to deal with the issue of solid waste disposal and minimization in the most efficient and productive manner. The amount of solid waste that is generated is growing in exponentially for each city. Solid waste is increased as the population and standard of living increase which place added demand on power production.

The purpose and main objective of our proposal is to show that in most countries; especially where energy costs are high, municipal solid waste (MSW) can be used as a source of energy, producing electricity and steam. MSW as generated contains valuable materials that are partially recycled as they travel form development source to their final destination which is converted to energy. The recycled MSW is organic and as fuel is called “Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).” The heat value of RDF varies depending upon its composition, moisture content and consistency.

Shreenath International offers a practical solution in an integrated method offering material separation for recycling portion of waste and conversion of the balance to useful energy and electricity. The environmentally approved solid waste to energy system along with a number of technologies available to convert trash or refuse to heat or electricity for small or large communities.

They are MSW or mass burn, pyrolysis or gasification and palletizing. The Bio-Fuel Engineering and Technology Group offers a number of design alternatives depending on the facilities refuse capacity, power generation potential and site requirements. SIC and our partners will be offered complete with pollution control and emission monitoring systems, which are environmental friendly.

The first step in any Waste to Energy design is:

I) To take enough sample of MSW and evaluate the RDF heat value. In countries where residential garbage disposal are not used, RDF will have as high as 50 percent moisture and heating value will run from 5000 to 10000 BTU/lb.

II) To evaluate the feasibility of each project, Shreenath International will perform an economic analysis which will considers all potential cost and will calculate a conservative Return on Investment. In our initial economic evaluations for most non-USA sites, we will initially use a value of 4500 BTU/lb. until thermal values can be more accurately determined.

Requirements for Feasibility Study.

  • The identification of an appropriate contaminated site to receive the refuse waste.
  • The identification of the installation requirements.
  • The establishment of design parameters.
  • The negotiation and establishment of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the governing authorities. The PPA must be     assignable so that it can be use for the collateralized on the financing.
  • Agreement covering the contribution of land or the leasing agreement.
  • If supplementary fuel is to be used, the type of fuel, its source and a contract for its supply must be procured.
  • Requisite guarantees and insurance coverage must be committed.
  • The identification of a work force pool for the operation and staffing of the site.
  • There are various systems available to manage and control energy waste. Our associate Gloabtel Convergence-SIC has developed system that can monitor the energy consumption. We have products like,

        Energy Manager

        Remote Monitoring System

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