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Shreenath International employs certified specialist in the assessment; testing, removal and abatement of asbestos and lead based paints found in buildings.

Surveys and Inspections
Using specially developed checklists, Shreenath International specialists visit a building site and perform detailed inspections to determine if asbestos or lead based paint are present in a building construction. If found, detailed descriptions are prepared including amounts and conditions of materials.
Work Plans and Report Preparation
Prior to inspection of a building, detailed work plans are prepared to assure the safety of the individual inspectors. Upon completion of the inspection, a detailed report of the findings is presented.
Testing and Laboratory Analysis
When suspect materials are found as part of the inspection, samples are gathered and transported by chain of custody to a certified laboratory for analysis. The results of the analysis are analyzed and presented in the final report.
Air and Soil Sampling and Monitoring
Air and soil sampling is required as part of the initial inspection or as part of a demolition and removal project. Shreenath International personnel are qualified in using the latest monitoring and sampling equipment for these projects.
Operation and Maintenance Plans
If the result of a final report for asbestos identifies non-friable asbestos in good condition, a client has the option of preparing an Operation and Maintenance Plan to manage the asbestos materials in place. Shreenath International provides both training for personnel and the preparation of the plans along with on-call consultant services when needed.

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