Market and Business Approach

Prior to the 1960's there was little concern about the recognition of hazardous substances used in construction and industrial processes, their handling and disposition. Since the Federal Environmental Protection Act of 1963 the use, handling and disposition of hazardous/toxic substances is regulated under federal, state and local laws and standards. These laws are intended for containment of further hazardous contamination and the remediation of existing contamination.

Therefore, all properties/land within the United State of America is subject to compliance with now established laws, regulations and standards. This has created a market for professional and technical services in the assessment/evaluation of site environmental conditions and, where needed, developing plans for the remediation of hazardous substances/materials.

There is now a growing concern regarding hazardous substances impacting the health and welfare of people, contamination of the lands, and affecting the economic status of the countries. SIC through international contacts and associations outside the United State of American, is developing plans for entering the international market for environmental assessments and remediation processes.

Sheenath International Consultant's (SIC) markets consist of the following clientele:
  • Governmental owners of properties with suspected and/or positive environmental compliance problems concerning previous or present hazardous substance use or dumping.
  • Financial Institutions with concerns regarding properties on which they have financial liability on foreclosure or re-procession.
  • Land Developers needing environmental assessments and possible remediation services on land proposed or acquired for development.
  • Business and Residential property owners requiring environmental compliance clearances for either certain activities or transfer of ownership (title).
  • Real Estate property brokers and legal firms requiring liability protection regarding compliance with environmental regulations and standards.
  • Environmental and GIS Software Development / Staff Augmentation for Private Institutions and Govt. Sector.

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