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Shreenath International is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. Shreenath International requires that all projects be performed in accordance with the State of California Occupational Safety and Health Act (CAL OSHA) and other applicable state statutes. Shreenath International strictly follows and enforces the EPA/OSHA Standards for training/instruction in procedures, personal hygiene, and equipment use according to OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1926/1910. Health and safety regulations are satisfied through implementation of Shreenath International's Health and Safety Program and project specific Site Safety and Health Plans (SSHP).

Shreenath International 's Health and Safety Program includes the following:

  • A Site Safety and Health Plan (SSHP) will be prepared for each project addressing the site-specific safety hazards. The SSHP includes the following information:
    1. Site Location and Conditions
    2. Type of Investigation
    3. Names and Telephone Numbers of Designated Site Safety Officer, Project Manager, and Subconsultants
    4. Requisite Personal Protective Equipment
    5. Location of Nearest Hospital and Emergency Telephone Numbers
    6. Environmental Monitoring Plan
    7. Emergency Procedures and Site Control Measures
  • Baseline and annual physical examinations will be given to each person who may be exposed to a hazardous waste site.
  • Each individual will receive 40 hours of hazardous materials health and safety training, as required by OSHA. The 40-hour training course covers such topics as personal protective equipment, work practices to minimize health hazards, recognition of health hazards, decontamination procedures, site control measures, exposure monitoring and medical surveillance. This training is updated annually with an 8-hour health and safety refresher course.
  • A Site Safety Officer (SSO) is assigned to each project and is responsible for all issues relating to health and safety of employees and ensuring that the company is in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations. The responsibilities of the SSO include:
    1. Providing a site safety briefing for team members prior to each project;
    2. Updating equipment or procedures, if necessary;
    3. Inspecting all personal protective equipment prior to use;
    4. Assisting the Project Manager in documentation of compliance;
    5. Evaluating the effectiveness of decontamination procedures;
    6. Enforcing the "buddy system" as appropriate; and
    7. Posting the route to the nearest medical facility and telephone numbers for emergency services;
    8. Terminating operations that threaten the health and safety of the field team or surrounding public.

    Facility Management Plans
    Shreenath prepares facility management plans which describe waste analysis procedures, security measures, inspections of waste management units, worker training, and the generation, handling, and storage of listed and characteristic waste, including precautions to prevent the mixture of incompatible wastes. A management plan for solid and hazardous wastes generated at a facility is prepared to document operations and procedures that maintain compliance with pertinent RCRA regulations and standards.
    Waste Minimization and Waste Management
    Shreenath works with its clients in developing waste minimization and management programs to reduce the cost and potential liability of waste handling, treatment and/or disposal. Shreenath develops and implements worker training programs for its clients for hazard awareness, waste minimization, and waste management.
    Closure and Post-Closure
    Shreenath has considerable experience in preparing and implementing closure and post-closure plans for permitted solid waste management units, including landfills, surface impoundment's, injection wells, tanks, containers, and waste piles. Closure activities, from taking a unit out of service, removing final waste deposits, cleaning and removal of the container, to verifying clean closure of subsurface soils and groundwater, are coordinated by Shreenath personnel.
    Pollution Prevention and Spill Response Plans
    For pollution prevention plans, Shreenath develops formal operating procedures, specifies construction and inspection requirements, evaluates containment and leak detection designs, and educates workers on the benefits of pollution prevention.

    To develop spill response capabilities, Shreenath writes formal procedures, identifies necessary personnel, equipment and supplies, and trains employees to develop hazard awareness and spill response skills.
    Facility Compliance Audits
    Shreenath performs an independent assessment of a facility's existing state of compliance with applicable RCRA regulations. We work closely with clients to develop solutions to deficiencies identified during an audit. Shreenath assists its clients in developing corporate environmental policies and procedures for policy implementation, environmental awareness and training programs, staffing identification, cost estimation for compliance programs, plus monitoring, record keeping, and reporting systems.
    Groundwater Monitoring
    Groundwater monitoring programs are implemented by Shreenath to comply with RCRA regulations. Cost-effective detection networks are strategically located to monitor potential contaminant releases from hazardous waste facilities. Shreenath customizes each facility's groundwater monitoring system to the hydrogeologic characteristics at each site.
    Corrective Action
    Shreenath personnel have extensive experience in managing all steps of a formal RCRA corrective action program, including the RCRA Facility Assessment, RCRA Facility Investigation, Corrective Measures Study, and Corrective Measures Implementation. Shreenath assists its clients in the negotiations of Consent Orders with regulatory agencies.

    Shreenath performs site investigations to evaluate whether releases have occurred from active or inactive solid waste management units. Further assessments of the nature and extent of soil and groundwater contamination and of hydrogeologic conditions are services we also provide. Modeling of groundwater and surface water flow and contaminant transport are commonly used as predictive tools for determining off-site migration routes, evaluating potential risks to receptors under various scenarios, and designing systems for plume containment and/or capture.

    Shreenath has experience in the application, design, operation, monitoring, and reporting of soil and groundwater remedial systems. We can provide assistance in the startup of contaminant recovery and treatment systems, training operators, and preparation of operation and maintenance procedural manuals.

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