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Shreenath International has developed a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program that utilizes a project team approach to ensure that high-quality services are performed in an expedient and effective manner.

The Company's Project Manager is responsible for the successful development of the project from inception through completion. It is his/her primary responsibility to ensure that the services are provided in a professional manner within the time and budget limitations, and that all work satisfies the client's requirements. He/she will serve as the point-of-contact pertaining to the assigned project working with the client, other interested parties, and Company management. Initially, the Project Manager will meet with the client's representative to obtain all criteria and data required for the planning of the project. The Project Manager will direct the day-to-day activities of the assigned members of the project team.

The Project Manager, together with Company management, is responsible for proper assignment of personnel to the project, and for developing a project plan to adequately control the project.

The President of Shreenath International serves as the Principal-in-Charge for each project with responsibility to allocate adequate resources, provide oversight for quality control, and provide support to the Project Manager as needed.

The company's Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program involves:

  • Daily contact by the Project Manager with each task leader to support and maintain project focus and direction.
  • Periodic review of work progress to ensure that all portions of the project is completed satisfactorily.
  • Internal peer review and independent party review to check for program standards of quality and accuracy.
  • A further aspect of Shreenath International's quality assurance program is an "Open Door" policy for clients, which permits the client to communicate with the Project Manager and discuss the work at any time. This comprehensive process leads to better understanding and coordination resulting in superior performance, and minimizes unanticipated problems as the project reaches its scheduled completion.

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